Our services

Equipment rental

Our company owns a fleet of over 250 equipment. Each piece of machinery is rented with qualified operators. Many of them are available with range limiting devices and GPS systems.

At your disposal

The available equipment includes:

  • A wide range of hydraulic shovels going from 0.9 to 90 tons;
    • Each of these shovels can be equipped with a hydraulic hammer.
    • Some shovels can be fitted with mechanic or hydraulic jaws, shears, scarifier, magnetic vibrating plate and different buckets models.
  • Wheeled loaders;
    • Our wheeled loaders are equipped with 1- to 10-yard capacity buckets or hydraulic forks and most of them have digital scales.
  • 25- to 40-ton articulated trucks;
  • 50- to 70-ton mining-type rigid trucks;
  • 50 hydraulic hammers, including the largest manufactured hammer in the world.