Our services


Excavation L. Martel Inc. has acquired a wide range of equipment to crush stones, clean stones, concrete and asphalt directly at the worksite, such as:

  • Impact crushers;
  • Cone crushers;
  • Jaw crushers;
  • Screeners;
  • Scalpers.

State-of-the-art technology

  • Crushers equipped with a printer-integrated computer that produces tonnage profiles after each work shift, or when requested;
  • Power shovel equipped with a magnet to extract metallic debris from the crushed material;
  • Mobile equipment that allows a fast mobilization directly at the worksites and/or quarries;
  • Remote controlled travel on the worksite, which facilitates movement and improves the safety of the workers and public;
  • Our crushing capacity varies with the aggregate grading produced. In average, the crushing capacity is 400 tons per hour.

Highly qualified team

Led by an accomplished director in the field of crushing, our dynamic and professional team gained its experience in the production of many types of aggregate grading, on different sites and grounds, such as quarries, worksites, vacant lots, industrial sites, etc.