Worksite equipment mechanic

Worksite equipment mechanic

  • Location

    Garage and worksite
  • Type of position

  • Schedule

    Full time
    45 hours a week
  • Salary

    Depends on experience
  • Job description

    • Participate in the proper functioning of specific equipment and machinery.
    • Adjust, repair and replace parts on defective equipment.
    • Test the equipment to ensure its proper functioning and that the repairs comply with the requirements.
    • Perform related tasks on specific equipment and machinery.
    • Participate in major repair operations, upon request.
    • Test and repair equipment or machinery that will undergo inspection.
  • Qualifications & knowledge

    • Required – Valid driver’s licence
    • Required – Significant experience in the field
    • High sense of accountability and initiative
    • Autonomous, resourceful and team spirit
    • Focus on health and safety in the workplace
    • Organized
  • Benefits

    Join a qualified team always looking to learn more and improve work techniques.

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